set a custom field rule


Can we create a rule where when a task is moved to the “approved for payment” section, it creates a custom field with the compensation amount written in the field?


The amount would go form a field to another? This is indeed not possible with native Asana features, but I have a service to do custom coding formulas.

Not from one field to another. When a rule creates a sub-task, it has a title. I want that for a custom field. When a task moves from one section to another it creates a field automatically filled with the amount. I saw an “action” option in flowsana “set a custom field” But when I click on it, it says you don’t have a custom field in this project.

A rule can’t create a field, the field has to be there already, including with Flowsana. Try adding the field first. Asana cannot set a field of type number.

The field is already there. The Compensation Field

But when I click on Flowsana Set a custom field option, it says

Hi @Uraiba_Khatri,

Please see this Help article for a probable solution:

I added custom field(s) to a project, but they’re not showing in Flowsana for that project - Flowsana Help Center

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