Is it possible to create a variable rule?

Hi Folks!

I am looking to create a slightly more intelligent rule.

I have a project that has a custom field. When i set the custom field, a rule moves the entry to another project.

Is it possible for me to use 2 custom fields so when its moved to a project it knows which section to fall in to?


New entry > Custom field marked as JOB > Moves to project one

But project one has a 4 boards

In Progress
To Invoice

So when i mark a task as JOB, is it possible to make it reference another custom field which has the 4 board names above. So it knows where to file itself?

I appreciated, i could just change Custom Field 1s options to
Job Quote
Job In Progress
Job To Invoice
Job Complete

However, i want to reference these fields in other projects which is why it would be ideal to keep the custom fields separate, and use an intelligent rule there.

Sorry if im overcomplicating things and if that was really confusing!

HI @Max_Middleton

Sounds like here you just need to create a rule in the second project referencing that other field (the project your task is being moved to).

When a task is added to this project and it has custom field “x” move it to section “y”.

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oooooo ill look into that! Thanks Christine (the town i live in is called Bolton btw! ha)

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Hmm i cant see to do that as an option?

When i am in the destination project and click create rule there isnt an option to configure what i want?

Would it be under Recommended, Routing or Agile?

Do you rule choices change depending on subscription level?


This would be a custom rule because it requires two variables to decide where to move the task which requires the business version of Asana.

Which version are you using? I don’t see a ribbon next to the custom rules, so I am assuming it is the business version.

I am currently just using the Trial to try and get it configured for us.

I cant seem to be able to find which version i am trialling though.


The version you are trialing is the business version. If you are going to heavily utilize rules for your business, the business plan allows for much more native customization/flexibility in regards to rules.

Hmmm, if its the Business version, why wont it allow me to create the more customised rules?

Currently i am tricking it by setting a status change to move it into the correct section.

But its turning into a lot of single entry custom fields to be needed AND they have to be clicked in a certain way.

I create the task in My Tasks
Then i need to set its status as a JOB (this moves it into the correct project)
Then i set its status as QUOTED (whilst still in my tasks) and this moves it to the correct sections.

Thanks for your support by the way, im super impressed with asana so far

Hi @Max_Middleton , as @Christine_Bolton suggested, you can actually create a Custom rule - this is the first thing you see in your screenshot above.

Try experimenting with creating one from scratch or you can edit any existing rules you have already made so you can add more triggers and actions to run within a single rule.

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When you click create custom rule you will see a list of triggers & actions on the right side of your screen. This allows you to select 2 triggers resulting in one action. Are you seeing this list?

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Ahhhhhhhh so ive made lots of custom rules already @Richard_Sather what i DIDNT realise was that i could add more than 1 trigger!

Cheers folks