Rules set Custom Fields with Text or Numbers

Having rules for numerical fields would be an extremely useful feature. Hoping this actually happens.


Can you provide us a timeline for when this will be implemented? This seems to be a very useful feature.

Asana doesn’t communicate on their roadmap @Ajay_Vijayan we just have to wait.

Hello Asana community,

Thanks for sharing your feedback and various use cases on this topic. I’m excited to share that we’re introducing new actions in rules to allow you to update text and numeric custom fields.

These new actions are located in the rule builder right pane alongside existing actions and are custom based on the numeric and text custom fields available in your project.

demo update CF via rules

Please note that this update began rolling out today and will be available to all our Business and Enterprise customers over the next few days.

We can’t wait to hear what you think :slightly_smiling_face:


Another fantastic new feature!!! Great progress, Asana!




:star_struck: Loving this update. Cannot wait to test it!

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