Set custom field in project rule

Hi I’ve created custom field and trying to set it in by rule but I can’t find it in the rule set field options
The field

The rule editing

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Hi @oren_kaminer Sorry you are experiencing this while setting up.
Not sure why this would be the case.

Perhaps trying signing out and sign back in to asana and see if the field is appearing.

Here is the guide on setting up rules and there should be no restrictions for what you are trying to do. I am sure you have done so already, but just to check, you created the custom field within the project itself and you are trying to build a rule. You are not setting a rule in a different project and trying to use the custom field from the library of fields.

Hi @oren_kaminer

I believe this is because your custom field is “Text” Asana will only allow single or multi-select custom fields for rules.

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Actually this is a Flowsana rule action that you’re trying to add, @oren_kaminer. See this Flowsana Help article for a probable solution.

(And Flowsana supports text and number custom fields in rule actions.)

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Hi @oren_kaminer, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, it’s not possible to set text or number custom fields via Rules in Asana, but as a workaround you can try Flowsana as Phil recommended! We have a thread on this topic, and you can upvote here: Rules set Custom Fields with Text or Numbers

Not really familiar with Flowsana. Seems like an addition site that requires payment. Since my company don’t have it, I’m not sure if I can use it.
So I guess without it, I currently can’t use rules on my custom fields?


You can set rules on dropdown list-type custom fields using only Asana, without needing Flowsana. You would need Flowsana to build a rule which sets a text or number-type custom field.

(And yes, you are correct, Flowsana is an integration [which I built] that works with Asana but is separate and requires payment.)

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