Custom Fields with Default Values

this feature would be really useful. There are several fields I’d like to set by default depending on the form. For example “Add a Bug” form should automatically set the “type” as a bug.
Using automations in the project does not work because that would apply the change to all tasks added to the project, even those that aren’t bugs

This seems like such an easy fix. Right now, I set the default setting with rules. It is a pain to setup and so annoying to have the rule run for all the custom fields.

We also would love the ability to set default values for custom fields.

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Putting default values on custom fields behind a paywall (whether Asana Premium or Flowsana) is onerous and feels like a money grab to me. Default values should just be part of creating a custom field, IMO.

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Would love default values for custom fields used in both Tasks and Projects. I could use rules in Business for tasks, but projects in portfolios don’t have rules… :confused:

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Thanks for this suggestion!!

I also see a way to set a default triggered based on it coming from a form submit. This is really nice.

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But if you have more than 5 custom fields the rule can’t be applied.

@Tristan_Tully just make multiple rules with the same trigger; you can have up to 50 in a project.

Bumping this along.
It will be very handy to default values in custom fields


Do you have an upgraded ASANA account? I don’t see this capability.

+1 This would be really helpful. If custom fields could have a default value, the unset / “–” value could also be eliminated (or at least just never selected) which would actually, in many cases, allow filtering for custom fields that were never set:

Whoa! Apparently there’s a case that actually does apply a default value to a custom field: when filtering on it.

That is:

  • Add a custom field, say “My Field”. (I’ve confirmed this with Single-Select fields)
  • Open up “Filters” at the top.
  • Hit “Add filter +” and pick “My Field”.
  • Pick a value to filter this field on.

At this point, only tasks with that value will show. BUT, when adding a new task from this page, that custom field will default to the value that was picked in the filter. This was probably necessary to prevent the task from otherwise just disappearing after being created.
What’s neat is that, since you can have multiple tabs of the task list, each with its own filter, you can kind of create tabs to provide sets of default values.

With that said, it’s still not ideal… since:

  • Now you can’t see all your tasks when you need to add a task with a default.
  • I don’t think it would apply for tasks coming from form submissions or other places.
  • It’s only per user and per tab.

But it may help some people in certain cases. In our case it helps a little.

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