Better Access/Management Tool to manage custom field library for whole organisation on Asana

Dear Asana Team,

at the moment, it is impossible to manage the custom field library better than creating an own overview and crosschecking with internal teams, who is using which field on which project.

To be able to organize and align our Asana Team on a global base, it would be super beneficial to have access to the following:

  • An overview about all custom fields created for the whole Asana Plan used by our organisation
  • An overview about which custom fields are being currently used in which project and ideally also visibility on who created them
  • The ability for the company admin/various custom field library admins to edit the fields so designated people can be assigned to edit the library to stay aligned on a global base

At the moment the possibility to add in as many custom fields as possible and not having a clear overview about all fields leads unfortunately to double fields which makes multihoming of tasks very extensive. So this would be really appreciated! Thank you!

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Hi Katja,

I agree with you. Maybe this tool could help you in the meantime. It’s from Bastien Siebman.


Hi @Matthias_Schilha Thanks so much for coming back to me! I am unsure, if I am just not looking correctly, but which tool from Bastien Siebman are you referring to? Would be really curious to check it out!

Thank you so much :pray:

I guess this one should help yiu