Is there a list of all standard fields?

Ok this looks like a start! I confess I have no idea what I’m reading on that page - I’m assuming there is some way for me to see the “code” behind Asana? Do you have any links or resources to help me figure out how to figure out how to find it?

Thanks again for taking the time to help.

I think in order to help more specifically, we need some additional info about what you’re after. Can you tell us why you want this info - what are you wanting to accomplish? Thanks!

Great question. We are looking to understand what fields already exist so that we:

a) don’t recreate fields that already exist
b) get some good ideas from seeing the fields Asana has already created in the system - seeing the fields and the pre-populated values will help spur creativity
c) create some training material for us to help orient and onboard our users into how to use the tool and what our corporate standards and processes are

If this investigation leaves behind a list that could help future users like me when they do a Google search, then that’s a bonus too!

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Those are all very notable goals IMO!

Unfortunately I don’t think the API-based list I linked to above will help you much in those goals.

What do you think, @Marie and @Emily_Roman - do you know of any list like @James_Falco is asking about, or could one be added to the docs?

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Hi all and thanks for looping me in @Phil_Seeman!

I don’t believe our pre-configured custom fields are listed in the Guide, but let me look into this and see if I can find a list!


Hi @James_Falco and @Phil_Seeman, and thanks for your patience!

Please find below the list of pre-configured Asana custom fields. I’ve also put a request through for this info to be added to our Guide so it can easily be found in the future!

:rotating_light: One important note: these fields will be added to your Organisation only when you create a project using an Asana template that contains that field.

Name Type Option
Content channel enum Website, Blog, Email, Print, Press release
Content stage enum Not drafted, In draft, In review, Ready to publish, Published!
Content type enum Product news, Company update, Thought leadership, Customer story, Sponsored post
Contract Status enum Pending, Active, Renewal soon, Completed, Cancelled, Other
Cost number
Creation stage enum Not started, Outlining, In progress, Reviewing, Complete
Creative channel enum Internal, Print, Ad, Site, Email, Video, Social
Creative needed enum Design, Copy, Copy & design
Creative needs? enum Yes, No
Data Sensitivity enum None, Low, Medium, High, Critical
Department text
Discussion Category enum Standing Agenda, Team/People, Budget, Data, How do we use this?
Estimated value number
Expected Cost number
External Steps Needed enum Yes, No
Favorite Idea enum Favorite
Feedback type enum Question, Comment, Feature request, Bug
Funding Amount number
Grant Application Process enum Not Started, Under Review, Approved and In Progress, Awarded & Active, Expired, Deferred
Idea Status enum Needs Research, Added to roadmap, Backlog, Vetoed, Completed
Interview Area enum Problem solver, Team player, Leadership ability, Skillset
Interview Question Score number
Launch status enum Planning, A/B test, In beta, 100% launch
Lead status enum Contacted, Qualification, Meeting, Proposal, Closed
Meeting Minutes number
Meeting Needed enum Yes, No
Minutes number
MRR number
Name of Foundation text
Need to Follow up? enum Yes, No
Number of user reports number
Office Location text
Onboarding activity enum Assess, Setup, Change management, Communications, Training, Execution, Milestone
Participants Needed enum Yes, No
Planning category enum Budgeting, Catering, Venue, Guest management, Other
Point of Contact text
Position text
Post Format enum Live Video, Produced Video, Photo, Carousel, Webinar, Article , GIF
Priority enum High, Medium, Low
Product stage enum Spec needed, Design ready, Eng ready, QA ready, Marketing ready
Progress enum Achieved, On track, Deferred, Failed
Project size enum Small, Medium, Large, XLarge
Project Status enum Request Received, Action Required, In Progress, Completed, Backlog
Proposed Budget text
Referral enum Yes, No
Request Type enum Acoustic, Cleaning, Desk Setup, Electrical/Lighting, Installation/Construction, Keycards, Move, General Maintenance, Purchasing, Repairs, Temperature Requests
Research Status enum Trend, Watch, Won’t Fix, Fix
Responsible Team enum Sales, Customer Success
Risk Assessment Status enum Waiting to Review , In Review, Provisionally Approved, Approved, Not Approved
Room name text
Sales Counterpart enum Rohan Shenoy, Kat Mooney, Blake Vargas, Christy Taragon, Neel Shin, Ajeet Cyrus
Sentiment enum Positive, Neutral, Negative
Social Channels enum Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn
Stage enum Onboarding, Expansion, Healthy, At risk
Status enum Complete, Blocked, In Progress
System Setup enum Microphone only, Microphone + Laptop, Microphone + Laptop + Screen, Laptop only, Other (please add details in task)
Task Progress enum Not Started, In Progress, Waiting, Deferred, Done
Team text
Team Responsible enum Solutions Engineering, Legal, Account Management, Sales Enablement, Finance
Time it Takes to Complete Tasks enum One-five minutes, Ten minutes , Thirty minutes , One hour, Over one hour
User Name text
Vendor Category enum SaaS software, On premise, Rentals, Hardware, Consultant, Vendor, Agency, Other
Vendor Type enum Software - Locally Installed, Software - SaaS, Vendor - Agency, Service - Other

Yay! Thanks, @Marie!


Thank you so much @Marie! This is exactly what we needed!


You’re both very welcome :wink:

Thank you @Marie for the list! It is very interesting and I’d like to start using some of the fields, but not all can be found in my field library.

For instance there is “Expected Cost” field and I cannot find template that is using it. Can let us know where one can be found? Ideally every field in the table you provided would have the list of templates that use it.

Hi @Myroslav_Opyr! If you access your Organization’s library and copy the field name Expected Cost, you should see this result:

You can also find this field in the Starting a business template.

I hope this helps!

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Good information thanks for sharing

Good information thanks for sharing

I do not have the field in my library yet:

This is why I’d asked about template it is in. Using the template should copy field to my Organization’ Field Library.

But the template you mentioned does not contain a field in question. It has Proposed Budget, as closest equivalent:

Thanks for confirming this information and sorry for the late follow-up here @Myroslav_Opyr! I’ve gone ahead and escalated this issue to our development team to investigate further. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more information.

Hi @Myroslav_Opyr, I received an update from our team and it seems the Starting a business Checklist template is not updated and for this reason the Expected Cost field is not available. Our team is working to update the templates and fields but in the meantime, you can create this custom field and add it to your Organization’s library so everyone in your Organization can use it.

Hi Emily. I’m new to Asana. I’m trying to get a jump start by using the Asana templates as guides. I run a marketing firm and started working in the Asana editorial calendar template. I’ve run into a snag.
The field for “content channel” contains the following fields only: website, blog, email, print, press release. It does not have a field for “social media.”
My questions are:

  1. Is there any way I can get around this non-editable field to add social media in as one of the fields?
  2. Can asana update this template as social media the major content channel for most businesses and clearly a huge oversight. :slight_smile:
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Stay healthy,

Hi @themarketingspirit, welcome to the Asana community Forum!

You can certainly create new custom fields and remove the Asana created field in your project. Please find the steps in this article.

In regards to your second question, we also offer a Social Media Calendar template, you can use this template here: Free Social Media Calendar Template • Asana

I hope this helps!

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Thank you! This was helpful.

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