Is there a more specific way to search for Asana standard fields?

I am looking to add the Asana-created “Priority” field to one of my lists, but I can’t find it when I search. I work for a large company, and the search results are all custom versions of essentially the same thing. There are so many custom versions of “Priority,” in fact, that I run out of results to scroll through before I ever see the standard field I’m looking for.

Is there a numerical value assigned to the field that would make it easier to search for? Or perhaps a way to exclude any extra characters from the results? Putting quotations around my keyword didn’t change the returned values.


Maybe what you need is a good old clean up. If may Priority fields have been created, that’s probably out of ignorance, not knowing there were others. I suggest as a company deciding on a single field.

You can use my tool to help with the clean up.

Hello. I own Asana for a small part of a very large company. I do not have influence over the custom fields other teams are creating, unfortunately.