Where can I find the description of all native Asana field names?


I am trying to understand how Asana has intended us to use fields that are already defined in Portfolios and Projects? My goal is to be able to maximize the use case for the fields available before creating custom ones.
Is there a glossary of sort? Thanks!

Hey Desi,

if you are referring to Asana created custom fields have a look here: Is there a list of all standard fields? - #10

And here is a handy tool created by Bastien to display all custom fields from your organization: minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods

In terms of use case have a look at Asana templates where a lot of Asana created custom fielda are used

Does that help?

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I usually recommend organizations coming up with their own set of custom fields and documenting them in a project.

If you really like any Asana-provided ones, just make your own version so that you can tweak it (you can’t change option values in Asana-provided ones–ever) when you want to, either initially or as you start to use it.

I believe I touch on this briefly within:




Yes, super helpful! Thank you!

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