"asana created custom fields" confusion - same field created multiple times in multiple languages

Hi all,

We start to see more and more “asana created custom fields”, or “system” custom fields.

In our case, some of them are duplicated, because we use the app in french and english.

So, sometimes, we see them twice, with 2 different descriptions, and some with 2 different names. That’s dangerous! Which field is the “good” one?
And, where do they come from ??

I think, if Asana want to create unique “asana created custom fields”, they should change their structure, and make it possible, for the SAME custom field, to have more than 1 title / description, for multiple languages. One “default” title/description, + regional.
But, not 2 different fields!!!





@Frederic_Malenfant Yikes! I agree with your suggestion.

But I’m thinking this is really a web UI issue/suggestion - although I know the ramification for you shows up in the API, it’s not API-specific. Can I move this to #forum-en:product-feedback ?

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@Phil_Seeman Yes! That’s what I tought after creating it, I hesitate between adding more api-related stuff, and asking someone to move it! :slight_smile: