Asana Custom Field Missing

Hoping someone will have some information, a path to escalation, or maybe a direct and responsive way to contact support.

Asana had a new release recently.
Directly after the release we were missing one of our custom fields
We used this field to determine which developer is working on which task, this field is used organization wide in several settings.

We have put a support ticket in but we are sitting at 5 days with no resolution and fairly minimal contact. We tried to reach out to our sales rep but they said there is nothing they can really do, its up to support. It has been almost 24hrs since the last correspondence from the support agent.

Does anyone know of anywhere else we can go to find help or had experience with this issue in the past with a resolution? I’ve looked through the forums and have found similar cases, but in all of them support had to assist.

Hi @Megan_Campbell,

It’s very unlikely that Asana would have deleted one of your custom fields. Nonetheless it does sound like you need help from Asana support to figure out what’s going on.

@Marie @Emily_Roman perhaps you can help here?

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Hello @Megan_Campbell,

From what I see on my end, it looks like our team recovered this custom field for you. Can you confirm this is resolved on your end? Thanks!


Hi @Marie,

Your team reached out last night and let us know that this field has been restored.
Thank you!


Amazing, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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