Asana changed one of our custom fields - huge negative impact on our company!

Asana developers or a bug in an update modified one of our custom fields that our company relies heavily upon (affected most of our projects) 75+ and has not been willing to discuss live.

We have reported it in 2 separate tickets 4 days ago (#1069119 and #1069307) and they have made no attempt to truly help us resolve. Per their request I made a video to show them. Responses are in the middle of the night and not helpful at all.

We are extremely frustrated. I used to be a raving fan of Asana but no longer.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with this, but I’m not sure how posting like this is going to help.

I or others on this forum - who are not working for Asana - might be able to advise if you’d share some context, for example by giving details about what’s happened as the template for the bug report:

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Also if you could provide a link to the video, that might be helpful.

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Hi there - here is a link to my video. ShareFile

They must have swapped out one of our custom fields and replaced it with another. The weird thing is it is only partially messed up on the phone app.

Now Custom Field says “Qualitative” which may have been an old custom field we had with 3 options. Previously this said “Project Phase” and had 10 options. We used this to make dashboards to capture our time on these Project Phases.


This is from an old screenshot I had for easier Dashboard set up.

Now they look like this as a result of the issue:

I can go in and fix manually, but it will take a very long time as this affects so many projects and underlying tasks.

Oddly, on the iOS app, it looks like this (partially the old (correct) field options and partially the new ones)

@Sara_Beth_Watson - Sorry to see you’re having this issue; my 2c - I would wait for Asana to respond (I know you’ve already submitted tickets, but I wouldn’t respond to them via email, as this will reset the ticket age and push it lower in Asana’s queue).

I would not start making changes manually to those fields yet, as this seems like a weird db bug where two fields may have gotten merged or mistaken for each other. I would hope that Asana can split this data back up correctly on their end.

Perhaps @Marie or @Emily_Roman can advise on your tickets.


Hi @Sara_Beth_Watson , sorry to hear about this but judging from what you describe and your screenshots, I’m 99% sure that someone in your org has edited this custom field’s name and values (options).

To check this, go to edit your field and along the top you will see when it was last modified and by who! Once that is verified you can let them know that you will change it back, as per below…

You could do this by actually reinstating the field title and the options. The options are tricky though - you will need to map the ones left over now to what they were. It’s great you have a screenshot so you can make a better guess. If you get it wrong, simply rename to your original options.

Which ever fields were removed though, (such as ‘Qualitative’ because it’s been striked-out) you can add them back as options and Asana will reinstate them! BUT as long as you type them out EXACTLY as they were, case-sensitive too!

I have done this before and it has worked. If you are in a hurry I suggest you try it out, one option at a time.
If not, wait for support but I’m not sure they will be able to reinstate the field as it was. Maybe.

And to avoid this from happening again in the future, if you are at least on Business or Advanced tier (or above), you can lock your field from anyone else changing it, by selecting the last checkbox in the field’s editor pane!


Hi @Sara_Beth_Watson, thanks for reaching out and sharing more information with us. Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue!

I have liased with our support team and they will be in touch shortly to help you resolve this. I’m unfortunately not equipped to give you a tailored answer regarding your specific situation, as I do not have access to see details about the changes in your project. Please bear with us until our team gets back to you via email, we hope this gets resolved soon!

Thanks to everyone who has shared great tips in this thread :star:


@Richard_Sather - you were 100% right! I truly appreciate your detailed instructions. I was able to identify who made the change (by mistake) and then edit the custom field as you instructed and I was about 95% successful. Definitely lesson learned and I locked the field settings so that I am the only one who can edit moving forward. I really appreciate this forum’s support!


Ah, I’m so glad to hear that, @Sara_Beth_Watson !
95% is certainly a great ‘damage-limitation’ score so well done :+1:

Just one last thing on locking fields; indeed it is locked from other members making any edits but be aware that any Asana Admin could override and edit anyone’s locked field.


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