Custom Fields Updated Across All Projects

We have run into a truly unfortunate “functionality” issue in Asana- it seems that anyone at any time can go in and update the custom fields “status” option for our org-wide library. This means that someone can go in and edit the custom field options, apply the changes, and these changes apply across all projects in the org- making it extremely cumbersome for staff to go back and redo all of the work on marking off status updates on tasks in projects. With an org with over 1000 staff and thousands of projects in our tenet, this is truly an unfortunate setting that does not seem to be fixable or turned off.

Has anyone else encountered this? How did you manage it? Has anyone had any luck locking down or turning off this functionality?

Hi @Sally_Murphy-Yaw ,

Welcome to the forum! You can lock down editing on custom fields by going to the field edit menu and checking the “Only you can edit this field’s settings” box. I believe that admins (or possibly super admins) can override this setting if needed.