Best Practices for Identifying Native vs. User-Created Custom Fields in Asana

Hello Asana Community,

I’m currently working on differentiating between native Asana-created custom fields (like the “Estimated Time” field in time tracking) and custom fields that are user-created. My current approach is to examine the description to see if it contains the text “Asana-created” and also check if the created_by attribute is set to null.

Is this the recommended method for distinguishing between native and user-created custom fields, or is there a more reliable way to go about this?

Looking forward to your insights!

Hi @omar_furrer,

I don’t know of any other ways. @Bastien_Siebman @Frederic_Malenfant anything else you know of?

I don’t know either but looking at created_by seems like a pretty good way :slight_smile:


Great will continue using that approach then, thanks for chiming in @Phil_Seeman