Asana's 'Created On' Custom Field

A while ago, Asana launched some new Custom Fields that were automated. ‘Created on’ is one I told everyone about and asked them to add to their projects.

I just went to add it to a legacy project being restructured, and I can not for the life of me find this Custom Field… however, we use it everywhere else.
Can someone help me find where it went?


A new Show fields interface is rolling out to many; do you see this, which allows you to toggle on “Created on”:

If not, maybe include a screenshot of what your Show fields menu looks like, or your Customize > Fields menu (if you have the old interface still). Any chance you need to click “Show more” or whatever is at the bottom of the long list of fields?



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Thank you!!

Found it :slight_smile: I do have the new interface and it’s throwing me off like crazy haha

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I’m having the same issue as described in the post from 3 Mar. I have an older project where I added a “Created On” field to list view but now I cannot find this anywhere (other than as a sort or filter option). My only options are “Add task / Filter / Sort / Hide” and under Customize, I can only add a new field or choose one from library and “created on” is not in the library. How does one get the new interface?

We also do not have the new interface and no access to Created On date. Is this new interface limited to geographies or Asana license types?

Hi @Ted_Battreall,

Can you post a screenshot of the top of a project list view? You should have “Hide” as shown here:

I clicked on the “Hide” button and I see the field now, thank you soooo much!

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Hi, I am having the same problem but I can´t find the hide button shown in the screenshot

Hi @Damar_Rivillo , your issue is likely that you have no tasks in your project, correct? Once you add a task, the Filter Sort and Hide buttons should appear! :sweat_smile:

Seems like this is a recent minor update - I don’t recall this behaviour previously.

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Oh yes! That was the problem, Thank you very much :pray:

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