Asana's 'Created On' Custom Field

A while ago, Asana launched some new Custom Fields that were automated. ‘Created on’ is one I told everyone about and asked them to add to their projects.

I just went to add it to a legacy project being restructured, and I can not for the life of me find this Custom Field… however, we use it everywhere else.
Can someone help me find where it went?


A new Show fields interface is rolling out to many; do you see this, which allows you to toggle on “Created on”:

If not, maybe include a screenshot of what your Show fields menu looks like, or your Customize > Fields menu (if you have the old interface still). Any chance you need to click “Show more” or whatever is at the bottom of the long list of fields?



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Thank you!!

Found it :slight_smile: I do have the new interface and it’s throwing me off like crazy haha

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