Creating more options for Content Channel?

I am using the Editorial Calendar template by Asana, and trying to organize a content calendar. Am I able to add options to the Content Channel tags if I am not using a paid version? I just would like more specific tags, especially for social media since we would like to use this to organize more than “website, blog, print, press release and blog.” I do especially like this template since it includes the Approval Stage field. Thanks for any input and suggestions!

Are you referring to the custom field? Then you should just create your own with all your own options :slight_smile:

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If you are referring to custom fields, please note custom fields are available to premium customers only and if you don’t have a paid plan you won’t be able to see or create new fields. You can still add Tags to your projects if you are using the basic version of Asana. You can find more details in this article: Using tags vs. Custom Fields

I hope this helps!

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My team has a paid/business level account but we’re also seeing the “This field is used in a template and cannot be edited.” message in fields on the Editorial Calendar Template. We could figure out the best ways to use Notes, as a workaround, but that solution to update dropdown options for Channels and Content Types is less ideal.

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Based on the screenshot it looks like this is an Asana created field. You are unable to edit any of those that are created by Asana. Here is a list Is there a list of all standard fields? - #10 (Note this list is probably a bit outdated)

Interesting, I actually found the solution by looking at the board settings.

Customize > Fields > Select Field > Copy Field to duplicate & customize > Save Changes > Disable previous Asana-created version and Enable new field.

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