Content calendar

Hey everyone,
I thought I’d share how I’m using Asana to manage the content calendar for my blog.

As you can see, I’m using sections to organise content by month and then set the due date as the publish date of that blog post/podcast. I use tags like email, blog post, podcast and youtube to categories the tasks into different types of content.

Since Asana released custom fields I’m also using a custom field to highlight the status of the post. So I have a dropdown showing whether a post is an “idea”, “in progress” or “finalised”.

As a bonus tip - I have task templates for various types of content with subtasks that I use as a checklist of what needs to be done before publishing that piece of content. So for a podcast interview I have subtasks to schedule the interview, edit the show etc… and for blogs I have a checklist to make sure I’ve optimised the post for SEO and scheduled social media updates etc… When I have a new blog post idea, I simply duplicate one of these templates and then all the appropriate subtasks area ready to go.

Hope this helps some people