Best solution for Content Calendar + Content Creation task organization?

We work with multiple brands which live in their own Project. Within our set of tasks, is the daunting Content Creation task (which we’ve made a template to reuse). Inside of this is our subtasks (see below), which we set out by the specific placement that the content will be published on. Specific to us, as we know the general terms refer to a specific size and safe area, which we have design document templates made for each:

IG/FB Story
IG/FB Post
Printed Menu
Website Popup

For the content calendar, it is it’s own Project. We usually have events and campaigns, which are created as tasks in the Brand’s Project. Now, when we use this Task template, it makes sense that we can also add the IG/FB Post to our Content Calendar.

  • Let’s say we populate a month’s worth of campaigns and events in the content calendar. We still need to populate blank dates with content, this would usually be evergreen content or UGC, this type of content does not belong in our Brand’s project, and only the Content Calendar Project. This creates a gap when it comes to populating the Content Calendar without any events or campaigns as we cannot see the Content Calendar Project in the Brand Project.
  • The Content Creation task could use its due date as a regular due date, then the IG/FB Post can use its due date as a Publish Date, correct?
  • If so, am I able to see the Content Calendar Project, as a Calendar view?
  • This is a small issue we can probably work over and get used to, however, if we were to add emails into the Content Calendar Project, we would need a due date of getting the email finalized, and another date of when that email content is scheduled to go out.

I need some advice from seasoned users of Asana. We want to use Asana as a content homebase rather than switching back and forth to AirTable or Google Sheets.

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Hi @Tyler_Luce what i would say is use the content calendar project (as a calendar vew project) do the multi homing as you said from other projects but when looking for gaps create the task in the gap on the content calendar and multihome it into a content workflow project to be worked on. So you can schedule the content without the need to have duplicate. Essentially create workflows for the types of content and custom fields to denote stages so you can see by colour on the content calendar whether it is ready to publish, still being written etc

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Could you clarify on this please?

create the task in the gap on the content calendar and multihome it into a content workflow project to be worked on

The content calendar should only have the subtask that is “IG/FB Post” then. And I cannot add these subtasks into another home for this multihome solution. This is my understanding?