Content planning - multiple dates for tasks


we are using Asana for content planning and we have more deadlines for each task. We have an Internal deadline, date until the work should be done, that is a custom field. Then Due date, which is used as a publishing date.

We really like that the Calendar view is displaying the Due dates (publishing dates), but what we do not like about this setup is that Asana is not treating Internal deadline as a Due date. Then there is no notification in My Tasks and therefore some deadlines can be missed.

How do you treat tasks with multiple deadlines? What setup did you find the best for your organization?

Thank you!

Hi Petra, I use Asana a lot for logistics projects with multiple deadlines/dates. For example, a deadline for getting all of the documentation, permits, licenses, a deadline for arrival at the port, and a hard deadline for when it has to arrive at the final destination.

I organize this by utilizing dependencies. The completion of an overall task is dependent on the completion of the individual steps. Right now, I am moving 4 tons of beans from Germany to rural Alberta. I have a task for moving the beans from Germany to Montreal and then moved from Montreal to Alberta. Each step has it’s own deadline/dates and “blocks” the step that comes after it. I use the “due date” as the date by which the product must arrive and have a custom field for the ETA (which is when it will probably arrive, hopefully before the deadline).

If that doesn’t work for you, you could also have an “overall task” with subtasks that have their own due dates.



Another way that you can accomplish this is by using subtasks. Although Subtasks do not show on the calendar natively there are ways that you can work around this as discussed here (they do show up in your “My Tasks” calendar).

If you are on the business plan you can crate a rule that will generate subtasks whenever a task is added to a project meeting certain criteria (using custom fields), then you can have the due dates for the subtasks automatically populated (if they are fixed), as well as added to the project (to be shown in calendar view).

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your replies!
I am aware about the solution with using subtasks. I was hoping for some other solution.

With subtasks it is a little bit tricky. We are on premium plan, therefore all the tasks would need to be created manually. What I do not like about this solution is that subtasks are basically copies of the original tasks, just to have a correct due date. The task is going through different statuses - need approval, draft ready, another 2 approvals, scheduled and published. What does not make sense to me is that first 2 statuses until draft ready would be applicable to the subtask, the rest of the statuses to the task.