Can a task have multiple due dates?

Hi! Im trying to streamline a project and need it to have two due dates - one for first review, and one for final due date. Is this possible?

Hi @Thais_Venturini . Welcome to the forum. You can specify a date range (or single due date) for the project. Start dates • Asana . An option would be to then have 2 separate tasks (first review and final review) within the project, each task with its own due dates. Would this work?


You could also setup a task to repeat at frequency that suits your review and final due date. With that task you could post a status update at your first and final review so that it appears in the project summary.

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If I were in your shoes, I would have chosen one master task and two sub tasks. Upon completion of 2 sub task, master task could be concluded. Each sub task would have different set of due dates, and they could be assigned differently to same / different people.

More on Sub tasks here.