Update Due Dates on Multiple Tasks

I can no longer update due dates on multiple tasks at once. I used to be able to select multiple tasks inside a project and update the due date to a specific date. This is something I use quite often. Can this be brought back?

Ugh, crap. One more update from Asana that breaks one more time our worklows :frowning:

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The same for custom fields. Is there any way a custom field can be updated for multiple tasks in case custom field is hidden from list view? I hope UI team of Asana thought about this use case? :slight_smile:

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I’ve found a workaround - try to perform advanced search by single project. In that view it’s possible to select multiple tasks and edit custom fields and due date. I wonder how people use asana, if this basic feature is broken and no one else except us complained yet :confused:


Please keep in mind that for every bug report or concerned question in the forum, there are probably 10-100 people who encountered the same behavior and were dissatisfied by it but didn’t decide to devote the time to documenting and posting it, for a variety of reasons.

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Very frustrated by the sudden inability to select multiple tasks and assign a due date using Tab + D. Is this a bug?

This is possible. You just select the date from the column itself.

I just ran into the same issue. A workaround is to pin the fields in the main project, and you can mass select then update. If you have more then five custom fields, it can be a hassle.

Ha-ha! They probably think - ouch, it’s a new bug from asana developers, this is called stability :slight_smile:

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Please call it a new feature :slight_smile:

Yay, the’ve fixed this! Thank you Asana!

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