Campaigns vs ongoing projects

Hi there,

I manage content marketing efforts for a portfolio of nonprofit and content sites. We don’t sell products or services, but have events we’d like to turn people out to.

As I read through various tutorials and use cases, I often see people discuss campaigns they run, and asana is a great fit for these.

Where I get stuck on a lot is, when should I create a new multi-channel campaign with a start and end date, and when do I just keep my editorial calendars (blog, social, email, etc) filled?

I’m wondering what kind of campaigns people run for sites or brands that may not necessarily run any sales or promotions. Do any of you use Asana to simply keep a few ongoing projects like editorial calendars running? As a content marketer, are you working on on piece of content and then the next, or do you plan campaigns to create content in bulk around themes with specific goals?

Hi @Mike_Query, thanks for reaching out to our Community! :slight_smile:

Whether you decide to create a project to keep an editorial calendar running or create a project with a start and end date is completely up to you and how you would like to use Asana. There’s not right vs. wrong :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be, and how we operate internally at Asana, would be to create a running content calendar with scheduled dates for each piece of content you would be putting out. Then, to actually plan the content creation and the campaign, I create a separate project for each :slight_smile:

You might find this Use Case helpful: How Asana’s Marketing Team uses Asana - #2

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: