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Our organization is new to Asana and I’ve been (nerdily) enjoying setting it up in preparation to launching it as our primary project management tool with our team.

We are a statewide nonprofit and I’m the communications manager. One of our goals is to refine our advertising efforts. Where do we want to focus our advertising efforts and get the most bang for our buck? Also, how can we capitalize on our relationships (donors/board members) with our advertising with sponsored ads?

This is what I’ve come up and welcome any suggestions on strengthening this. I did not find any other threads regarding specifically advertising management in Asana.

I’ve created the project in the board style and set up 5 primary columns: Goals/ContentIdeas/Other, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4. This will help us visualize how we can spread our messaging out through the year. This also helps because we operate on a fiscal year whereas most publications operate on a calendar year, sometimes making planning a challenge.

There is a task to copy for each new task entry. The task has two custom fields allowing you to define the advertising medium (print or digital) and the region of the state the publication is in. This will allow us to refine the view easily when we want to look at our efforts in a specific area. The task also allows for you to input content details, concepts for advertising & if it’s a possibility for sponsorship, deadlines and rates.

This is a significant upgrade to our work process and we are really excited about it. Again, I welcome any suggestions to further fine-tune this project.

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Hi Crystal,
I am happy to see more communication and marketing managers jump on to Asana, since I was working as Head of Performance Marketing for the past years, I have managed all my projects with Asana.

Some suggestions I have for you:

  • Create template tasks/projects for things which come up often and optimize them after every iteration

  • Use even more Custom Fields! if you want to compare like you mentioned the return of the different measurements, why not using custom fields for: time needed, costs, revenue, traffic

  • Use Asana as editorial calendar

  • Use a project for recurring tasks, e.g. analyze outcome of specific campaigns etc. this will help you to maintain an overview and to check if the frequency is justified by the outcome and effort

  • You could use colors to indicate that tasks belong to the same advertising type

  • Create a CRM list for your contacts with next action items

  • Areas of responsibility project

  • A 1on1 project for meetings with your supervisor

  • A project for the weekly team meeting, for which you can use multi-homing

There are countless more possibilities but this should give you some food for thoughts for the next days :slight_smile:



Thank you. Great suggestions! I’ll definitely work on building out ROI analysis.

Hi Crystal,

Great that you’re getting on Asana. It’s a really useful tool for managing a content or advertising calendar like this.

I wrote about how I’ve organised my own content calendar here:

Can I suggest you contact us at Templana so we can add your template to our base? Thanks!