Asana to manage advertising campaigns


Asana works great for our team when managing all our advertising campaigns. We are a growing marketing / advertising team, and we used to use spreadsheets to manage all of our work.

Since we migrated to Asana, it’s simplified the ways we work together as a team, and made our individual work more efficient as well.

We use each project for a specific advertising campaign (Black Friday. Christmas, New Years, etc). That way we can stay focused on the tasks needed to complete each project, and to make sure everything gets done. When we run company meetings preparing for a specific campaign, it is our Asana project that guides us throughout the entire meeting to make sure we cover all the points.

On the other hand, the filter allows us to see what tasks I need to complete across all our campaigns, which is especially useful when we have overlap in campaigns and need to work on multiple projects at the same time.

We love how it has transformed our work and the way we work together.

Case studies of customers in different Industries

Would you mind sharing a template for about this? Thanks!


Thanks for your sharing your experience with us @Jake_Anderson and welcome to the Forum; we’re always excited to learn how you and your Team are using Asana! :slight_smile: