Case studies of customers in different Industries

I think it would be great for Asana to start doing some more case studies on the different companies in different industries using Asana in totally different ways. There’s thousands of small, medium & large businesses using this awesome tool in lots of different ways.

I’m sure, like most, the use of Asana, as well as many other tools (SaaS) has done unbelievable things for my business, although we don’t use Asana exactly as intended due to the amount of jobs we process. For similat business to learn and collaborate would be really powerful, and see the different ways it can be customised & used.

It would be great to have people share their stories, and for Asana to understand it’s not just software developers using this service. I think could go a really long way in Asana getting to know their customer base better.


Hi @Joel_Ac and thank you so much for sparking this discussion. The Forum is a great space to share study cases, and in fact this what the usecases category is dedicated to! With this said, there is a lot of work to be done to organise content and encourage more users to share their story with Asana. This will be one of my focus for 2019, so sit tight, I should have more info to share soon!

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Hey Joel,

I just posted a use case on how our team uses Asana for advertising. Feel free to check it out here and let me know if you have questions! I’d love to exchange ideas and feedback!

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I’d love to hear more stories from small businesses to spark inspiration and help my team understand how we can use the tool as well.

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