Using Asana for your creative team? We want to hear from you!

Hi all :wave:

My name is Russell, and I’m a campaign manager on Asana’s marketing team. Earlier this year we launched Asana for Marketing and Creative teams, and our own team is hard at work to ensure we’re creating new content to set our marketing and creative customers up for success.

We’re looking to understand your own experiences balancing creativity AND productivity. Tell us about your creative production process, and we’ll use your insights to design new content for our customers, and work with you to share your tips and tricks with the rest of the Asana community!

Thank you in advance! And, if you’re a marketing or creative professional who wants to chat more about Asana, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly :grinning:



@RussellAbdo thanks for reaching out to us. I am the Project Coordinator for our Marketing Team. All of our projects and campaigns (large and small) are managed in Asana. Most of them are recurring so we are super excited about the Auto-Fill Due Dates function for templates as most of our projects can reach up to 75 tasks to be scheduled. I’ll list some features that would be helpful to our process:

  • Tasks within a Section could be sorted by their due dates
  • Sections as real sections so that if moved all tasks under move as well
  • Dependent Task due dates auto move when lead task moves
  • The IF-THEN Rules feature from the Flowsana service is super helpful
  • A way to add files directly in Asana instead of having to re-upload
  • Resource Tasks / Tasks not meant to be marked complete (so not considered part of the Progress of Completion %)

Portfolios features I’d like to see:

  • Upcoming/Next Due Dates
  • An easier way to get back to Portfolio after clicking into Project from Portfolio (maybe a side bar)

Other than that we love what Asana does for us and the organizing of our projects. I can’t wait to see what features come out in the future. I imagine there are some we haven’t even considered.