Using Asana for your creative team? We want to hear from you!

Hi all :wave:

My name is Russell, and I’m a campaign manager on Asana’s marketing team. Earlier this year we launched Asana for Marketing and Creative teams, and our own team is hard at work to ensure we’re creating new content to set our marketing and creative customers up for success.

We’re looking to understand your own experiences balancing creativity AND productivity. Tell us about your creative production process, and we’ll use your insights to design new content for our customers, and work with you to share your tips and tricks with the rest of the Asana community!

Thank you in advance! And, if you’re a marketing or creative professional who wants to chat more about Asana, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly :grinning:



@RussellAbdo thanks for reaching out to us. I am the Project Coordinator for our Marketing Team. All of our projects and campaigns (large and small) are managed in Asana. Most of them are recurring so we are super excited about the Auto-Fill Due Dates function for templates as most of our projects can reach up to 75 tasks to be scheduled. I’ll list some features that would be helpful to our process:

  • Tasks within a Section could be sorted by their due dates
  • Sections as real sections so that if moved all tasks under move as well
  • Dependent Task due dates auto move when lead task moves
  • The IF-THEN Rules feature from the Flowsana service is super helpful
  • A way to add files directly in Asana instead of having to re-upload
  • Resource Tasks / Tasks not meant to be marked complete (so not considered part of the Progress of Completion %)

Portfolios features I’d like to see:

  • Upcoming/Next Due Dates
  • An easier way to get back to Portfolio after clicking into Project from Portfolio (maybe a side bar)

Other than that we love what Asana does for us and the organizing of our projects. I can’t wait to see what features come out in the future. I imagine there are some we haven’t even considered.



Hi @RussellAbdo . I wrote a product feedback suggestion about the markup of images feature. Based on your post above just thought I’d share here. Proofing of Images Needs Printer Output Tweak

I’m the COO and like others here 100% of all our events and marketing (and fundraising) items are in Asana.

Hey Olive! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve passed your feedback along to our product team to think about. I too could benefit from some of these suggestions :slight_smile: Keep an eye out over the next few months, as we’ve got a few great things coming that will definitely make your life easier!


Thanks Kristian. Passing this info along to my team to see what they can do! Appreciate your thoughts and glad to hear you love the proofing feature – it’s one of my personal favs to use with our design team :slight_smile:

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Hi Russell,

I’m a Project Manager at Just Eat and our creative studio has just started using Asana for resourcing. We currently use Google docs for reviews and feeding back amends as the feedback tool isn’t quite there yet on Asana.

We are also looking for a way though to track hours. Although there is a Harvest plug-in, there is currently no way for the marketing teams to see how many hours they have used of their resource. We use the custom field to provide teams with an estimate but rely heavily on the Studio manager in order to report back how much time we have used at varying stages of the project. Would love to see a view in which hours used can be seen within the Asana tool rather than having to request manually.

Would love some help and guidance on this,

We love Asana and use it to manage several overlapping teams, manage vendors and outside projects, all kinds of stuff. Generally, if we need to do it, you either facilitate it already or add the feature within a few weeks of us wishing we had it. Keep up the good work!

One thing we’d love to see: a lot of our team members use a saved custom search to see what work they have coming up (e.g. due in next 7 days), because it’s overwhelming to look at “my tasks” and just see dozens or even hundreds of tasks due over the next several months. Two things we’d love to be able to do:
(1) Multi-part filters
(2) And/or, include tasks that START IN or go through the time period. Right now, something that starts this week and is due in two weeks won’t show up in the “next 7 days” filter, and because we can’t do multi-part filters, we can’t clarify that (e.g. due in next 7 days OR starts in next 7 days).

Agreed. Been searching for dependent task due dates to shift or be able to set a due date as “due 2 weeks after [task] completed”

Hey Bex! Great to virtually meet you, and thanks for chiming in! In terms of your comment around tracking hours, has your team leveraged Workload yet? You can set capacity for each of your designers and have a snapshot of how many hours (or points, tasks, etc) that they have open in the week. May not be the exact visualization you’re thinking about, but it could help.

Do you have customer success rep for Just Eat? This would be a great thing to workshop with them, as well. Shoot me a direct message and I’m happy to find the right contact for you!

Hey Brian! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll share this with my product team. As a heads up, I know our team is rethinking ‘My Tasks’ in a way that will make filtering/structuring much easier. I’ll share more when I know more details!

Thanks for your feedback, Kelsey! Passing this along to my team now, and I’ll also investigate our new automated workflows (coming soon!) to see if this is functionality that we can support.

Is there anything in the pipeline to show time down to the hour (rather than just the day). We need to show/book in designers time over the course of a day. We use Asana across all our project and it works well, except with the fine hourly timing which is essential to the daily running of a studio