Struggling with the best way to configure Asana for our agency - advice appreciated!

Hello All!

We are a marketing agency that is in a trial run of Asana. I am 99% sure Asana will work for us, but have a few outstanding questions - including the right way to set this up for our organization. Specifically, Teams vs Projects.

I have found some phenomenal resources online, with tips and tricks from other agencies. However, I am still struggling with the best way to track client work in Asana, and how we want to set up our instance.

We currently have eight clients, with a goal of adding 4 new clients per quarter. At any given time, each client has between 3-10 open projects, depending on the scope of work. These projects last anywhere from 1-3 months in length.

I am leaning towards Teams, as the thought of each of our clients set up as a Project with different sections breaking down the work seems overwhelming.

Any advice or suggestions?


I agree with you, @elizabeth.earin, that one Team per client is the way to go (in addition to other non-client Teams your organization needs). This will give you the most flexibility and clearest organization, and is not adding anything unnecessary, I don’t think.

You made a good choice with Asana, and you’re off to a good start it seems!


I agree, as well. Set up teams named after the client with all stakeholders on the team. Use the portfolio function to bring them all together in one view and don’t forget to use the Progress tab to share status updates with each other and up the chain. Something that I find useful, spend the majority of your time creating Advanced Searches that you can save and share to give you more reporting functionality. I would urge you not to use the sections if you can avoid it. they make it difficult to manage sorting and parent/child organization.

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Agreed with this setup!

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Yes! I would work with teams, and archive/reset live when they go silent or coming back. Asana is a good choice, is pretty flexible.