Looking for tips/tricks/feedback on anyone that uses Asana for to coordinate Marketing & Communications Projects

I am a project coordinator who uses Asana to coordinate many different projects through our Marketing and Communications dept. Steps of gathering info for a project / copywriting / creative / design layout / proofing / edits / sending art files to print / press proofs to completion. I come from a Trello background. We had the initial Asana trainings etc, but felt that we were so overwhelmed with information, and in a hurry to get Asana up a running - I wonder if we are utilizing it to our best abilities? I was curious if anyone else uses Asana in the same way, and if you can any tips/tricks - or maybe even be willing to share boards / projects in a call to see how we are currently doing it vs what we could be doing. Appreciate any and all feedback - thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Stacey_Stanton

I’m happy to show my marketing/communication use-cases in a short call :wink:

I’ve sent you a Private message.

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Hello Arthur! Thank you so much for reaching out. I put a half hour session on your calendar for June 28th at 3:30pm. I look forward to talking to you!!

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Thought I’d share my experiences as CD trying to organize our projects in Asana…

I created a template that organizes a project into “phases”:

Pre-Pro is used for script writing, initial production calendars, etc
Design is used for concepting, storyboards, etc
Production is used for editing, animation, 3D, etc
Audio is used for sound mixing, VO records, etc
Post-Pro is used for 508 compliance, QCing, versioning, etc
Milestones/Reviews are used for client feedback approvals and project milestones
Meetings are used to document notes from both internal and client based meetings

For each project, I also add the original SOW and Creative Brief into the the ‘Key resources’ section as well as add any ref links.

Each week I create a status update on every project and send to the VP of Creative so he’s up to date on everything.

Hope that helps!