Example of Marketing Agency using Asana?

I am curious to know if there are any examples around here of marketing agencies using Asana? We have one team of around 7 people working for 16 clients on a regular basis. I’m trying to find the best way of organizing our tasks and projects. Thanks!

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Hi @Alfonso1,

You might find some good examples in this other thread from the Forum: Teams Or Projects : For Inbound Marketing Agency.

I would also recommend taking a look at this template we have for managing collaboration in creative marketing agencies.

Hope this helps!

I was hoping to find more info here :slight_smile:
I am in the same ship.
At the end, I think I figured it out. I spent a few days learning all the possibilities. Now I just need to learn along the way.
I created a project for every client. I created coordination project and monthly plan.
Now when I create a task, I choose to have it shown to more projects. So far it is great.
So happy to be finally using it.