Example of Marketing Agency using Asana?

I am curious to know if there are any examples around here of marketing agencies using Asana? We have one team of around 7 people working for 16 clients on a regular basis. I’m trying to find the best way of organizing our tasks and projects. Thanks!

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Hi @Alfonso1,

You might find some good examples in this other thread from the Forum: Teams Or Projects : For Inbound Marketing Agency.

I would also recommend taking a look at this template we have for managing collaboration in creative marketing agencies.

Hope this helps!

I was hoping to find more info here :slight_smile:
I am in the same ship.
At the end, I think I figured it out. I spent a few days learning all the possibilities. Now I just need to learn along the way.
I created a project for every client. I created coordination project and monthly plan.
Now when I create a task, I choose to have it shown to more projects. So far it is great.
So happy to be finally using it.

I am curious, why do you people find it so useful to use such kind of apps in our era, like really? There are so many sites and other methods of putting things together in order to obtain a good productivity and organization in a working group better than these complicated apps. For example, our SEO company, https://www.ntadigital.com/ you can even verify, used to be addicted to some apps like that, but then realizes that a simple app can help you even more. Very important here is to understand that If your abilities as a manager of such a group are low, not even the best site or app will help you, and vice versa. Simple mathematics.