Proofing of Images Needs Printer Output Tweak

A few folks on the Forum have requested markup of PDF’s as the next helpful thing - either in comments or as its own product improvement voting item (@ Allow Image Proofing Feature on PDFS - Totally agree. But I just wanted to share this piece of feedback with Asana as well - even if there was PDF markup > the PRINT function is limiting and just needs a tweak to be amazing.

The use case you outlined when you launched Proofing is largely assuming that your graphic designer or teammate who is actually going to be editing the document is in Asana with you. As they finish each edit they close out the task.

For a lot of companies and non-profits like mine, who do not have the luxury of said person on staff, we do what most do which is markup the PDF of the proof or draft using the comments feature in Adobe Acrobat (or in our case Nuance Power PDF), and then send that back to the designer.

Your PROOFING tool is amazing and, I might add, even though PDF markup isn’t directly supported, exporting from PDF to JPG is easily done if you are using the full version of Acrobat, for instance. And then you can use the markup tool as is.

But here is the limiting part. When you go to print all these nice comments and to do’s for someone outside Asana, the little yellow NUMBERS that guide you on the graphic image itself to the feedback point DO NOT PRINT.

Here is what it looks like in Asana

Here is what it looks like when you print (SO CLOSE to helpful. SO VERY close!)

So that’s my suggestion - by making a tweak perhaps to the output of the image in the print window, all those nice proofing notes would go with it. Be it PDF or JPG, exporting from Asana to an external person would be super slick.