Proofing: advanced view capabilities

It would be really great if the Proofing tool had more functionality built in that would allow for zooming, orientation changes, and panning - like other image or PDF tools. If this is something that creative or graphic teams would be using there is a notable difference in using Proofing vs. just putting comments in Adobe.

This is the #1 reason preventing my creative team from using Proofing vs. other toolds

Hi there, I like @Libby_Paulys Post and the idea of adding features to proofing :slight_smile: Therefore I´d like to add a request for another function:

It would be great to have a kind of anchor to the Feedback in the PDF since it is a long way to scroll a huge document through to find the right section. (after clicking on the referring subtask)

Have a great day :slight_smile:

I suggest you both split your requests, one thread per request, that will be easier for people to vote and for the Asana team to follow. :pray: (also there are existing requests for some of yours)

Thanks @Bastien_Siebman , I created a new product feedback :slight_smile:
(Proofing // anchor to feedback in large PDF)

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