No preview in new PDF proofing feature and more

It’s great that you can now proof directly on PDFs. There are a few major drawbacks to this that is preventing us still from using Asana as our primary proofing tool.

When viewing a comment in more detail, with JPEGs it shows a preview so you can see the image in question and the placement of the comment, with PDFs it shows nothing. It should show a preview of the page of the PDF the comment is attached to.

To make it really worth its time as a proofing tool, you need to be able to:

  • move comments around the page
  • move the comment box you are typing into
  • be more specific with where the yellow dots are (they currently cover quite a large area of the image)
  • be able to draw onto an image/PDF
  • be able to select the text on a PDF and mark a highlight

There are many more things that don’t work well with proofing such as:

  • Comments assigned to you in your inbox don’t say what project they belong to
  • When viewing an image full screen, if there are lots of thumbnails, it causes the main image to be tiny - the thumbnails need to be able to hide.
  • Need to be able to see which comments are assigned to you directly on an image by use of a a filter or toggle.

There are many more I have as feedback from my team but don’t know the best place to relay all of the feedback.



Another issue with PDF proofing we have just noticed, when viewing a PDF it defaults to the size of the first page. Often the first page is a single page and then it’s double page spreads from then on out. This causes the first page to fit your browser window and then every other page after that to be 2x too big to view, and it’s impossible to comment on any other page than the first.