What are best practices for proofing in Asana (Premium)?

In our case, proofs are usually PDFs, and sometimes JPEG or PNG images. I know these can be posted in a comments thread, and users can comment on them. But I’m looking for more advanced proofing options—especially a way for people to annotate the PDFs and images. We’ve used Google Drive for this, which works OK, but I’m wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a better method.

Did you see https://asana.com/guide/help/premium/proofing? :thinking: :slight_smile:
Does not work for PDF yet.

Is that not only for Business and Enterprise users? The URL is deceiving if so.

We only have Premium, which apparently does not support that feature. It looks nice (minus the fact that PDF is not supported), but for our organization to move to Business would cost us $4,000+ additional per year. I think it would not be justifiable even if PDF support was added.

This is just that you were describing a new feature and I wanted to make sure you’ve seen it existed :+1:

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Hello @MPrewitt if you have the pro version of Acrobat you can use text edits and markup tool to modify the PDF and attach a new version of the document with mark ups into the Asana task or to a new task for updating corrections depending on how you have your workflow set up. Just an idea. It would require have the pro version though.

Just a thought.

Yes, we have that. I will check it out. Thanks!

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