Proofing for Designers

Does anyone have any suggestions on app intergration or how to use Asana for proofing for designers? I’ve used systems like Concept Inbox, ProofHQ in the past and really need to figure out how to streamline this in Asana.

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Hi Kristyn!

My name is Amy and I’m a CSM at Asana.

Several of our customers leverage Asana for design requests and other design centric processes.

I would recommend using Subtasks to track the progress of a design from beginning to end. This way, you can assign different team members (from content to legal to design) to various phases of the design and ensure that deadlines are met.

You can also use our Task Dependencies feature to identify Subtasks that are dependent on each other. For example, I cannot Finalize design until the Review initial design subtask is complete.

I’ve attached some examples that might be helpful for you.


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@Amy_Lee in a design workflow, several rounds of proofing and markups are often required. So, actually uploding an art file - pdf or jpeg or similiar popular format; allowing a selected group to mark it up or simply to mark it as approved; and then the said “task” of art approval would be done/completed. Is there any integration that allows something like ProofHQ to work with Asana? That’s just one system to reference. GoSlope also has an interesting version of this. Each of these examples allows for versioning whereby the next round is applied/posted/uploaded over the prior. And one can navigate through them to see the changes — to compre. ProofHQ is far more robust. I only mention these as examples to demonstrate the ask/need. Every marketing dept and agency out there has a need for this. It’s part of their existin workflow.


I use Hightail’s Spaces and have used Proofme but don’t use them in conjunction with Asana.

@Kristyn_Norris do you have your clients on Asana? Or are you just looking for updates on Asana tasks when there is proofing activity?

One other thing Proof HQ does masterfully is reminders for the relevant team members until all approvals or comments are in.

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It’d be great in some way to tie in our Adobe file proofing into Asana. Subtasks don’t solve the problem that there are numbers and numbers of “offline” files with comments. Hard to track.


I 100% agree that an integration with a proofing/markup/versioning tool is much needed for Asana. I formerly was an assigned proofer in ProofHQ at my former company and having the capabilities to sync that information with the tasks in Workfront was key. Now at this company, we love Asana and it does great things for our productivity, but we are holding back a little and relegated to using email to manage proofing and versions because Asana can’t work with a proofing tool. I hope this is an integration that gets moved up the priority list soon!


Sub-tasks provide too much margin for error and they aren’t visible (unless also added to the project). There’s simply no stopping a parent task from being marked complete prematurely, even when a sub-task remains incomplete… solve this and then this workaround is viable. Until then, the ability to use Asana as a proofing tool is still a valid and valuable request.

Right now, we’re re-assigning the same task to a new user for review/input, teamed with a custom field to track the review stage… this is a hack at best, but is working for now. My biggest problem with this hack is the inability to keep track of the number of reviews required, number of reassignments, and the true ownership of the design v. review process because we’re having to volley-ball the task back and forth.

Again, a review/proofing tool is a much needed functionality to this awesome platform!


Hello! I’m also looking for a seamless approval integration tool—one that aggregates comments, allows designers to see who’s made the changes, and gives one specific person the final approving process. We used ProofMe until it shut down, and PageProof has been proving more cumbersome on top of our well-built Asana infrastructure.

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My company really loves working with Asana, but since it doesn’t support any proofing software or abilities we were working with ProofMe. Unfortunately ProofMe has gone under and we’re left trying to find another Proofing site. We found that there are a lot of other project management sites that offer proofing abilities but we really love Asana and don’t want to give it up. Are there any plans to offer proofing within Asana, or even a 3rd party app/integration?


Any updates? Proofing would be a real win for us…and if we could do it inside of Asana, where we already have all of our client task management details, that’d be amazing.


I am new to Asana and acclimating. I am so surprised Asana does not have a proofing system. I was hoping to bring my marketing team to Asana. A proofing system is mandatory for marketing departments. I have worked with them for almost 10 years. I will only be able to use this for the web team. Too bad. Is there a suggestions area for Asana? I see a lot of questions here, and not many answers. I used WorkGroups and WorkFront (and others). I will keep looking.

I have also been looking for an app integration with Asana for proofing. We’re currently using Workgroup (DaVinci) for proofing but the setup process is complex. We’re also testing Adobe proofing tool via Acrobat but it create an outside workflow. Another test is Wrike, which has a build in proofing tool that integrates with Adobe software but it also lacks team management of proofs.

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Just thought I’d drop this group a note that we’ve just launched a built-in proofing solution in Asana!

Proofing in Asana starts when you open image from a task on desktop or mobile.
You’ll see an option to Add feedback , which lets you click on a specific area, and leave feedback about that part of the image. Your feedback will be added as a subtask and assigned to whoever uploaded the image.

With Asana proofing you can leave actionable and specific image feedback and track next steps to ensure that your feedback gets incorporated.

Read more about Asana for Creative Teams & Proofing

Proofing Guide


Is there a way to proof/mark up a pdf file or is it only good for images? When I click on a pdf file, it opens outside of Asana and I can’t mark it up. We export our print files and multi-page documents in pdf format, so the proofing tool can only be used some of the time, not as a regular step in our workflow.

Is there something I am missing or is this just how it works?


Yes, our team is looking for a proofing tool as well that works for images, single to multi-page PDFs and even video. Will this be available in Asana soon?


I think this proofing tool may be ok if you have an internal team with dedicated internal reviewers. In the case of an agency with external clients, this solution is just barely scratching the surface:
External users to the organization (i.e. clients) who don’t know Asana should be able to use the proofing tools as a means to provide feedback, or approve a mockup.
It feels as if proofing is for people already part of the Asana ecosystem, which is not the case of most clients for most agencies (but again, that may not be Asana’s focus?)


We were using ProofMe as well, prior to their database issues and have used dropbox ever since. Sounds like the proofing capabilities of ASANA are a step in the right direction, but still not cutting it compared to other applications. I need a CLIENT FACING proofing process. This is honestly the missing link that is keeping my organization from upgrading to Asana for business. Everything else is there with creative cloud integration. But the process/work flow breaks massively when it has to be client facing. Please update to have a client facing approach so that we can make the jump to Asana for business.



My art and design teams were also using proofme for proofing - which we were paying a decent monthly amount for. The marketing team love Asana but not enough to pay for it as there are plenty of other ways to assign and track tasks. If we could review video and art within Asana that might be a game changer.

Is there going to be a way to proof word docs or PDF’s?