[PDF Proofing] Create an option to add new text, strikethrough text, and markup text

We understand how to use Asana to provide feedback on images, but we produce and update many documents that have much more text than images, and we need an easy way for team members to strikethrough text, add new text, and markup text. I’ve searched this topic high and low and asked the Asana presenters in a webinar I attended and they say this is not possible at this point. Am I the only person who needs to edit text in addition to images? Thanks!

Hi @Dana_Bell, thanks for reaching out.

You can also use proofing on the text on PDF files. Similar to images, your feedback will be marked as actionable subtasks. Please find more details and illustrative steps in this article.

You are right, it’s not yet possible to strikethrough text on the PDF file. You’ll be able to select the text and once you’ve clicked the area/text where you wish to leave feedback, a subtask creation screen will pop up where you can give actionable feedback.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have follow up questions or if you’re unable to access the feature.

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Hi, @Emily_Roman, thanks so much for your response. Yes, I do understand that it is possible to give feedback on the text on PDFs, and I had actually read the article before posting the question. :blush: You’re right - the text edit functionality that Asana offers in this space is not what we’re looking for; I hope that strikethroughs and other text edits will be available soon. I’m hoping since you used the word “yet” that this might be on Asana’s Roadmap? :upside_down_face: Thanks so much!

Thanks for clarifying @Dana_Bell! I checked internally and I couldn’t find any near plans for this feature, but it’s surely a good feedback for future updates :wink:

I’ve gone ahead and updated the thread title to make it more discoverable for others. I hope you don’t mind! I’ve also moved it back to the feedback category to allow votes :slight_smile: :+1:

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That’s great, @Emily_Roman, thank you so much!

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