Update PDF Attachment and Keep Proofing Feedback

Does anyone have ideas how to update or replace an attachment in a task while keeping the Feedback intact? The PDFs in question are blueprints housed in Google Drive / Adobe Cloud. We’re using Feedback for RFIs with architects/engineers/designers (e.g. “hey @designer what was the grout color for this bathroom?”), so the feedback stays with PDF for the life of the project. Meanwhile field employees redline the PDF blueprints for As-Builts using Adobe Acrobat markups (sophisticated I know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Unfortunately, uploading the PDF as an attachment to the task doesn’t update with redlines, and linking to PDF in Google Drive / Adobe Cloud sends us outside of Asana where Feedback isn’t available (I was really hoping the Adobe+Asana Integration would work for Acrobat).

I’m open to alternative methods altogether as well from the creatives on here :kissing_heart:. I’m afraid if this doesn’t work we’ll have to drop Business and go back to RFIs outside of Feedback…which isn’t terrible because the field employees can’t see the Feedback Stickers on the PDF in the Asana App anyways…but I was so excited about Feedback! Thank you!

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Hi @Jesse_Rev0, welcome to the Community Forum and sorry for the late follow-up here!

This is currently not possible unfortunately! At the moment, the Proofing feature isn’t optimized for working documents, so you’d need to submit updated entries and just track what’s been actioned by looking at the completed vs. incomplete proofing subtasks. Hopefully at some stage the Adobe integration will also support Acrobat :crossed_fingers:

Based on some of the things you’ve listed, Forms would actually be a potential alternative for logging and keeping track of RFIs within Asana, you can have a look at this article for more information and tips.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for confirming! And thanks for the suggestion using forms. We’re currently using Forms in another way, it’s our way of communicating with those outside of Asana since the link can be accessed by anyone. The communication around blueprints are all internal. Thank you again!

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