File Approval Features Request

Hi there,

Are there any planned features to deal specifically with file approval?

I’m a content manager that has a team reviewing various PDF files. I would :heart: love :heart: to have a separate interface/area of a task where review comments and file status (e.g. pending review, approved, pending changes) would be attached specifically to a particular version of the file. And a feature that could track versioning/revisions. Bonus if we could set up approved reviewers.

As it is now, all file review comments are mixed in with comments on the task itself. With a large team, this can be a mess for the designer to find and implement review comments.

I suspect some of these improvements have been considered, but I’m curious as to if they’re in development.

Happy New Year!

Hello from the Asana User Experience Research team!

We’re working on some improvements to support creative teams with their creative review and approval workflows.
If you’re available next week (11/26/18- 11/30/18) to share your feedback on our early designs, we’d love to chat over a 45-minute video call. You would receive a $75 Amazon gift card in exchange for your time.

If you’re interested in participating, please tell us a bit more about you using this quick survey: Share your feedback: Asana Proofing + Approvals
We’ll follow up shortly if you’re a match for this study. Thank you!

Hi @Mary_Conquest :wave:t5:

Jumping here to let you know that we have recently launched approval tasks in Asana :slight_smile: In case you have missed the announcement, you can learn more about it in the following thread: A new type of task is available in Asana. Meet Approvals!

I’m closing this thread now but if you have any follow-up questions or feedback to share please let us know here or in the #productfeedback category !

We hope you enjoy it! Have a great day! :slight_smile: