Document Review Process within Asana

Hey All,

We are currently struggling with getting a document review process down pat within Asana.

Currently, we are uploading the document, assigning to the right person and add a due date. The user then reviews and uploads the doc and so on and so on. But then at the end of it, there are so many versions of the doc and it’s really hard to track.

Does anyone have a good process in place for this? Our company doenst allow the use of Dropbox or the like so having a real hard time to take a collaborative approach to this process.

Hey @Tara_White - we include the folder location on our shared server in the comment. While it’s not a functioning link, it does allow us to easily copy and paste in a windows folder to get to the location. It works for us because we can use our standard folder structure to manage draft versions, etc.