🦄 Asana Docs

I’m curious if there’s anyone here that has used clickup docs before and it marked a before-after of working with collaborative documents that you could turn into actions easily.

So Asana does not have this quite yet, but we’ve done it with a project and some simple customization to “replace” the fact to use google docs and asana back-n-forth (it is time/energy consuming).

In this video, I explain the purpose of our docs project, which is to organize and track our own documents.

+Plus I made this quick guide today after a lot of tests both internally and with clients: https://scribehow.com/shared/_Asana_Docs__hCY5I9cETeKS-WfoYuxKyg

PS: this is by far what I was able to come up with - but having docs and a whiteboard in Asana will be a gamechanger.



I would love for Asana to add a docs feature. They could use the foundation of the Project Briefs to start with it. Hopefully this is something we see sometime soon.


You got my vote! I just saw the ClickUp Docs features, and that looks amazing. I hope Asana has a new set of Docs features in the roadmap as well. Using tasks for documentation is certainly a hack, and it skews the Dashboard reporting numbers. They are making a lot improvements to the task panel and content editing functionalities so I hope they plan to extend that to a new “Docs” tab within projects and teams.