Asana Task Management

Looking for advice on task management for a Communications/Marketing team for a quasi governmental organization. We have three main areas of marketing/promotions that have their own campaigns separate of our organization and we would like to keep them in a separate project and track all their respective campaigns and promotions. Then we have our organization “project” which includes marketing and promotions of more than 10 different events, close to 20 amenities (i.e. parks and facilities) ongoing construction projects, and other general announcements. Ideally, we’d like to someone how add tasks and subtasks to our projects, but then also have a way to tag the tool we need to associate with it. For example, the task is posting a road closure and the tags might be “Facebook, Website, and Email”.

Hi :wave:
That is a very broad question and I would suggest you find an expert to help you. A simple one-hour discussion would help tremendously. You can find a list on my website minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods