Marketing Usage / Organization for Team Projects



Our Marketing team started using Asana a few weeks ago. We imported a ton of tasks from the very limited task management software Producteev since they are sun-setting the software. Our tasks were organized before primarily on individual tasks, so one person may have a project called Print Ad A and put “Edit Print Ad A Langauge” as a task within the project. The designer would have a project called Design and have a task called “Design Print Ad A.” So everything was rather disjointed and there were several unrelated tasks going on at once, making it confusing on where you should post a comment on Print Ad A as a whole.

For our new set up, we would like to organize items more around the project as a whole so we can all communicate around the big picture. So we’d make a project for every item that many people touch (Blogs, White Papers, Company Handouts, Event Planning) etc. We would quickly have hundreds of these projects if we adopted this system.

What is the best way to not clog up our project list but still keep projects searchable? We will favorite the current projects we’re working on to find them better, but we won’t be able to archive projects once they’re complete because they won’t show up in searches when managers try to see the total number of projects we’ve created. Correct?

  1. Could we make a new team called Archived Projects where we put completed projects?
  • Will projects assigned to different teams show up in searches within our main team to give us the big picture of how many projects have been created?
  • If not, should we create a new task to go into big picture projects like “All White Papers”? We could add a task like “White Paper B” add the link to the project “White Paper B” and maybe also have it be a task in “White Paper B” so that it would show up in searches even if we moved it to the Archived Projects team when competed.
  1. Is there a better way to organize our these tasks? We need to focus in on projects that impact several team members but need to be able to the big picture as well.

Sorry if the explanation is a bit confusing. I can clarify if needed. Thanks for your help!


Here is some posts that might be of assistance.

Hope these help.



Thanks, Jason!

I’ve looked through these and some other posts on the community. I guess what I’m thinking about is something akin to Milestone tasks. So you can see the big picture (project itself) as a task within the full spectrum of all the projects you have going on. Milestones could be added to a Milestone Project and that could live on the dashboard to provide a high-level overview.


@Heather_Lane. Sounds like a good way of representing it. If you also include phase tasks in your milestone project with start and end dates you could represent that on a timeline view. With your milestones the key deliverables.