Better Project organization

Our team has 350 projects and they are all listed on the left-hand side of the screen under the “Projects” listing - it’s overwhelming. We use Portfolios and Favorites, but I’d like a better way of organizing our project list so it isn’t so intimidating and confusing to navigate. Please, help!

@Alex_Hempton, I try to address this question (and others) in the free eBook chapter:

Perhaps this provides both a framework and specific suggestions for improving things now and keeping them that way. Also, don’t forget to Archive older projects, and use Search autocomplete to navigate among projects without bothering with the sidebar at all often.


Thanks for the quick reply. We don’t have Teams in our version of Asana, just one Workspace… so we seem to lose out on the ability to organize our projects more effectively. Any suggestions for those in an Workplace setup?

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@Alex_Hempton, I think the concepts in the chapter still apply. If you can’t easily convert to an Organization, you can simulate the groupings of teams by creating dummy projects and organizing the sidebar grouping existing projects within them. I make all these dummy projects be of the form:

:small_red_triangle_down: M E E T I N G S

to give a header appearance and eye-catching opened indicator (since you can’t close them).

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Thanks; that is what I did as a workaround - challenging to drag projects up and down a list of 350 of them. I like your idea of using an icon, though!

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Were none of the projects archive-able? I’d start there, as I recommended initially.

Yes there should probably be an archiving done as well. :slight_smile:

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My company doesn’t have protfolio, but we found a good way to organize and find the projects fast (ok we don’t have 350 but still a few)
what we have done is the following:

  • each project has a name with a specific codification (xx_YY_001_name of the project : 2 letters that make a sens for us on the subject of the project, the year, 3 digit_), that already helps once put in order

  • each projet has a “head task” at the top. That head task has the same name as the project.
    The headtask responsible is the manager of the project, the dates are begining and end due date of the project

  • each head task is at the same time in a “library project” (if you have 350 projects, you can imagine doing several libraries by theme that make sense to you) that host only the head tasks of each project

  • to navigate, you use the library project (the only one you put in your favorite), you just go in the “head” task of the project you want to go to and click directly in the filed “project” and it will take you to the project (I hope it’s clear, sorry english not my native language)

  • the library project can be organised with section, customs fields… to make it easier to find the projects.

  • the library project can be even used as a sort of report =. it can includ custom fileds like percentage of completion… and the managers can come every week to put the completion stand, add a comment in the head task to make a little weekly report so everyone can have access to all those weekly reports just by going to the library project without going in each projects.

I hope I am clear enough, otherwise let me know. It will work great for us, hope it can help.

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That’s a nice strategy for a lot of use cases, often unofficially called a “master project” (like “library project”).

You’re also 9/10ths of the way toward this:

See more about my Asana2Go here: