Organizing a team's cluttering projects

Our Sales team is using Asana projects to track deals and steps in the process to close. The issue we’re running into is that there are too many deals in a team and it’s cluttering the other projects the team needs to use. Is there a way to organize it? We are using portfolios, but the projects still need to sit somewhere. We want to avoid creating a team for each of the region’s deals, but is that the only solution? Any tips help!

How many projects are we talking about?

In what way does it clutter the rest? In the sidenav?


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There’s 25+ now, but it will continue to grow


Looking at:

might give you ideas about teams to use.

Why? Just make as few extra teams as will allow each to feel uncluttered. Or do you mean region is not a good way to divide them?

Consider making one team to house only Deals: Current; perhaps the number of current deals is manageable for a single team to not feel cluttered? Age the done deals into either a Deals: Won or Deals: Lost team. That’s three teams only, and I don’t think you’d care how cluttered the Won/Lost teams are since you’ll hardly look at them.

There’s also the hack of creating dummy projects in a single team as separators for the batches of projects within, e. g.,

:small_red_triangle_down:CURRENT :small_red_triangle_down:
Deal 5
Deal 6
:small_red_triangle_down:WON :small_red_triangle_down:
Deal 1
Deal 2
:small_red_triangle_down:LOST :small_red_triangle_down:
Deal 3
Deal 4

(That’s three dummy separator projects above.)

Hope one of those ideas helps,



That is super helpful!! Thank you!!

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