How would you structure you project team/layout in this caase?

I’d be keen to hear how others would handle the sidebar structure in our case.

We are a customer success team that has Asana projects covering about 30-40 customers. These projects could be a simple To-Do list or could be special projects devoted to a specific key objective.

For some customers, it’s just one project, for others, it might be 5-10 projects.
Some, but not all, projects are shared with the customers and they actively participate in the Project in Asana.

Right now we have 1 team (“CS Team”) where everyone’s projects live. There are probably 100+ projects in this team.

There must be a better way to organize this, right?

One team per customer seems like an ok idea, but then you end up with 30-40 teams. Also not ideal.

I’ve also tried colour-coding the projects, which seems like a surprisingly effective option. Still a lot of projects to sift through though.

How would you set this up?

Hey @Jon_Martin1
This is a great question. What I would do is see if there’s multiple projects linked to a client. Then I would create a team for that client eg. “Client AAA” and move all Client AAA’s project to that team. A prefix on the projects could also be helpful. I would also have a main project for the client (to have a place that if people are unsure, they place tasks for that client in this project)

Otherwise, I would just create a team called “Clients” and when a client has only one project then that project is in the “Client” team but with their name as the project name. But if the client has more projects, then it will live in that client’s team.


Thanks for the input Paul. That structure sounds like it would work just fine with me :slight_smile:

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