Setting up Asana for a Small Team


I hope this forum is the correct one - please feel free to move it if necessary.

We are a small boutique IT consultancy working for a number of clients and are currently evaluating Asana for a roll out.

We only have a small number of team members (4 core people) and based on advice received we have set up Asana with each customer being a team. We then create projects under each team and assign ourselves to that project.

  • Customer 1

    • Project 1
      • Person 1
      • Person 2
      • Person 3
      • Person 4
  • Customer 2

    • Project 2
      • Person 1
      • Person 2
      • Person 3

Organising work like this means that we end up with a calendar for each person showing the work assigned to them. So far so good. The down side is that we have to have a “team” for every one of our customers. This could get to be a considerable number of teams.

Two questions:

  1. Is there a better way to organise our workload than this? (Please feel free to ask for more details if anything is not clear)

  2. Is there any way (even if it means a reorganisation) that we can get a complete overview on one single Google Calendar showing everything that is happening in the company in all customers and projects?

We’re already seeing that Asana will be of great value to us but we’d like to make sure that we are starting off with the best possible setup. We’d rather put the work in now to get the best possible result in the future.

Thanks and Regards