Is it possible to categorize the projects?

I would like to have a bit more order with all the projects within my R&D team. Is it possible to categorize the projects?


If you’re on Asana Business, you can use Portfolios (check the Asana Guide for info).

But is it possible you have too many projects in a single team and should instead be using multiple teams for these projects? I address this in:

If you really do need many projects in one team, you can hack groupings by adding dummy projects (just project names) to effectively group them, like this (from my Asana Demo Workspace with all example projects for use with clients):

Hope one or more of these help,



Larry, thank you for the good input. I will work through and see what works best. If I could have I would have attached a screen shot…:frowning:
Best regards, chris

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In addition to Larry’s suggestion, I would add that using colors to group could also be a way (even though I usually advise against having too many colors).

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