💡 How to group projects together?

We are all used to file systems where you can create folders hierarchy; and sometimes in Asana we want to do the same to organize projects.

Here are 4 ways to group projects together in Asana!

:one: Teams: don’t hesitate to create a team with the only purpose of grouping projects together!

:two: Fake project as a separator: a project named « ———« can act as a perfect separator in the sidenav!

:three: Portfolios: they are a way to group projects in various ways, and could be your entry point to finding any project.

:four: Colors: project color as a grouping key, like red for high priority projects, or green for HR projects etc

:five: Acronyms: if you define acronyms for clients, initiatives, departments… using that acronym in the project name will make it easier to find them by using the search. It kinda works as a way to group projects together, doesn’t it?

Any other ideas?

Andrew Parkes also suggested to me :six: and :seven: : use emojis or a naming conventions (which is a variation of the :five: ). Thanks!


I use templates to define my projects and have them automatically update a ‘master’ project. Each time I use the template and my tasks are assigned, my master project updates at the same time. Still the same about of overhead in terms of managing tasks but the benefit of the master view also being updated. I just take key tasks (milestones even perhaps) through to my master project to have a simpler holistic view. I had hoped the new reporting feature would give me something similar but it doesn’t

Thanks for the tips! If only we could create folders in Teams by default.


Just use the search, you’ll never have to group projects again :slight_smile:

I have a template “team” specifically for this reason! One day maybe templates won’t be in there as projects, but until that day…

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