Project structure in teams

Is there a possibility to structure or subdivide the projects on the team overview site to get sections with projects that are similar? Or is the only way splitting the team up in smaller ones? Thanks!

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There are a few ways to achieve this, for example:

  • Use portfolios: Explore Asana Portfolio Features, Manage Multiple Projects • Asana

  • Create more teams and organize projects better this way

  • Add emojis to project names. Such as adding the same emoji to all design-related projects, or the same emoji to web-dev projects, etc. Just depends on your set-up on how you want to organize them.

  • You can also star relevant projects to mark them as favourites

In your use-case probably the best are definitely Asana Portfolios.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


One addition (besides @Andrea_Mayer suggestions) that really gets to your desire, I think, to create “level 2” subheadings with a team is this hack:

Create one or more projects within a team that mimic the subheadings you want above each grouping of projects, like this:


Team page:



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