How do I group Projects

We would like to be able to group projects so we can drill down by type of project

i.e. Tax Returns, Monthly Accounting, Special Projects, etc

Hi Bob,
Are you working in a workspace ? or in an organization?
in an org you can group projects into teams. in a Workspace, I don’t remember, I’m thinking you cannot … but maybe someone will prove me wrong. you could always use numbered naming conventions and coloured projects.

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Portfolios is how we organize our projects by Service Type, or by Team

Team basics: create, join, and manage teams | Product guide • Asana Team information

I have Asana organized as such:

 Team (Area of Focus)
o Project
 Task
• Subtasks
 Task
 Task

o Project
 Task
• Subtasks
 Task

o Project
 Task
• Subtasks

Ways to filter:
Favorite (project) appears in sidebar
Assign (to me, appears on My Tasks list)
Tag (context: phone call, errands, waiting for, Vrbicky, Lori, Dedri)
My Tasks Board View (special project, enables ability to view My Tasks in Board layout)

Here is how I input tasks:

  1. Enter assignment as New Project
  2. Mark Project as a Favorite if I want to actively work on it
  3. Assign to a Team (Area, Department)
  4. Enter a next action (task, even if it is same as Project name)
  5. Assign to me so it appears on My Tasks if I want to actively work on it
  6. If assigned to me, also add to My Tasks Board View project.
  7. Choose a Tag if it applies

**If you don’t mark a project as a Favorite, or take assignment to a task, it will remain under the Projects in each Team until you’re ready to bring it into your active focus.

You can only assign and tag tasks (not projects); that’s why I need to enter at least one task under a project.

I use tags a lot. I like how a task can also belong to multiple projects. but I find tagging is very powerful when it comes to grouping, if the data is properly entered that is.