Group tasks by clients

We are testing out Asana at the moment and unsure how best to group random tasks together. It would be nice to see which tasks belong to which client wondering if creating a project per client is best approach or using custom tags. Pros cons?

Hi @Burak_Sarac, welcome to the community! I would be happy to assist you with this.

There are a few considerations that may be helpful in your deciding which approach to take. For example:

  • What will the potential volume of tasks be for each client, and how many clients will you track? If it will be more than 10 or 15 tasks per client, and more than a few clients, having a separate project for each client may make sense.
  • Will it be important to isolate the tasks for each client and see them separately from tasks for other clients? If so, having a separate project per client may be a good fit.
  • What are you trying to track? Is it a set workflow that tasks for each client will need to pass through? If so, you may want a separate project for that workflow (and ongoing process project). Then depending on the number of tasks in the pipeline, you can either use a custom field to specify each client, or because of higher task volume, have a separate project for each client and then multi-home each active task so they will show up in both the client project and the workflow project.
  • If you are using an Organization and need to scale wider to support a certain client, having a separate Team for them may make sense, especially if you will be collaborating with a unique set of users for work related to that client.

Any of these options can be effective, but the underlying principle is to keep the task load balanced so that any one project does not feel overloaded with tasks or become overwhelming.

Part of the beauty of Asana is its flexibility and scalability. Personally, I try to let the content, workflow, and task volume dictate the project/field/task set up, and experiment to see what feels like the best fit for each unique use case.

I hope that’s helpful.


I truly appreciate this well put together reply.

I think talking specifics really help here to make a proper decision. we do IT support for small businesses. Sometimes on a phone call or remind me to client in person they will ask for things like can you get me a new mouse or when you have a chance can you look to see why my computer is slow. When we are back visiting the client next time it’s helpful to see if we Can knock anything out while there. We also have projects for these clients so these would be project related tasks. It would be around 25 or so clients with 1 to 10 tasks with average of 3 per client

I was not sure about using projects for this since I will also have specific projects with tasks for these clients.

Another use case would be while I’m visiting a client I could see my coworker task for them perhaps to ask a question about something.

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